Legacy Flavors

Superior Lakes Brew Askew

a·skew əˈskyo͞o/ adverb & adjective adverb: askew; adjective: askew 1) not in a straight or level position. “The door was hanging askew on one twisted hinge.” 2) unintended; awry. “The plans went askew.” Lightly roasted Brazilian Santos coffee beans and Michigan wildflower honey. Wonderful coffee aroma and flavor. Move over Bloody Mary and goodbye Mimosa, this will get you going. Upon aging Brew Askew takes on notes of sour toffee, an almost saison like quality. Contact for availability.

ABV: 12 %

Superior Lakes Red Pyment

Light bodied semi-sweet red mead, made with California Merlot grapes and Michigan wild-flower honey before aging in American oak barrels. Light and easy drinking with low astringency and medium tannins, this mead is loved by both dry and sweet wine drinkers alike.

ABV: 13 %

Superior Lakes Dark Cherry Shiraz

Dry style pyment. Medium to full bodied, tannic with moderate astringency. Notes of spice and fruit. A versatile table wine that compliments game, tomato-dishes, strong cheese and dark chocolate.

ABV: 13 %

Superior Lakes GewurztraMEADer

California grown German Varietal Gewurstraminer Grapes paired with Wildflower Honey produce an Aromatic Semi Dry White Pyment Mead. Hints of Rose, Passion Fruit and Lychee. Only available at the Meadery!

ABV: 13 %