Superior Lakes

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    Local Michigan flavor.
    From local Michigan ingredients.

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    Handcrafted to ensure quality and flavor.

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    Always exploring new frontiers in mead-making.

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    Supporting local growers of fine ingredients.

Welcome to Superior Lakes

Welcome to Superior Lakes

Welcome to Superior Lakes where we hand-craft a wide variety of meads and wines right here in Michigan. We choose the finest local honey and other ingredients to support our local growers and economy. More about us.

Find Superior Lakes Near You

Find Superior Lakes Near You

Looking for a local store that carries Superior Lakes Mead? Click here for list of our retail outlets and distributors.

Want Superior Lakes Mead outside of Michigan? Click here for online orders to select states.

Curious about Superior Lakes products or Mead in general? Stop by for a tasting at our facility in Harrison Township, or go to the Contact Us section.

Superior Lakes Product List

Superior Lakes Product List

Click here to check out our latest products. We are constantly concocting new brews and seasonal flavors using some of the freshest local offerings around. Check back often to see whats new. Just keep in mind, if you like something, get it while you can. These are hand-crafted meads are created in small batches. First come, first serve.