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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2012

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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2012 was a HUGE success! Thanks to everyone who came out to support Superior Lakes and had a taste of our products. The weather was perfect and all of Michigan’s renaissance patrons were a spectacle in and of themselves. Also we can’t say enough about all the volunteers who worked to support such a great cause. We are looking forward to next years festival already.

2 comments on “Michigan Renaissance Festival 2012
  1. Cheryl L Guthrie on said:

    I can HARDLY WAIT forthe new stuff to be ready for sale!!!! I am certainly looking forward to the “triple bam, thank you ma’am” !!!! You guyS ARE MY WINE GURUS!!!

  2. Diane Trujillo on said:

    We first heard of Superior lake mead at this festival. We are huge beer snobs and we have tried a good handful of other bands of mead. Superior is by far the finest, well balanced mead on earth!!! Just sayin.

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